LA Green Cafe

Restaurant Terrace Bar

LA Green Cafe - Just a Perfect place to have a Drink and Snack after a Round of Golf!

LA Green Cafe Restaurant

Did you like the famous Severiano Ballesteros’ golf course? Need some rest? Los Arqueros Resort proudly presents LA Green Cafe!

Italian, Japanese Cuisine, Seafood, Meat, Bites and Vegetarian dishes will strike a chord with every client! You can have a rest with a glass of good wine or just have a light meal with soda enjoying beautiful views at the golf course! And if you like the weather, you can go to the terrace and enjoy the fresh sea air and sun during your meal!

Severiano Ballesteros said: “I simply followed the inner voice of that little boy who wanted to be the best golfer in the world. I believed in myself”. You will like our Cafe atmosphere, which preserves the spirit of Severiano himself.